By Dr. Patricia Donworth

Quantum Entrainment, a spiritual enlightenment technology founded by Dr. Frank Kinslow, is a mastery/healing method based on pure awareness or deep rest. The practitioner does “nothing,” yet everything gets done. QE™ can be learned in moments, not years. Shades of Vedanta, Zen, and ‘the power of Now’, Dr. Kinslow describes this remarkable process in an interview with freelance spirituality writer Dr. Patricia Donworth.

Dr. Patricia Donworth (PD): You’re a former chiropractor, long-time meditator, teacher of the deaf, and spiritual counselor. All of these experiences, but particularly the meditation, as I understand, had a hand in your coming to develop Quantum Entrainment. Tell us how QE evolved.

Dr. Frank Kinslow (FK): In my late 20s through my early 40s, I spent almost three years in deep, silent meditation many times hidden away in the Alps. When busy working and raising a family, I still dedicated 3½ hours a day to meditation. I began teaching techniques passed down to me from “higher realms” and gathered around me a following of seekers of inner peace and enlightenment. After seven years of teaching, I realized that something was still missing. I gave it all up and went back into seclusion to contemplate “No-thing” or “pure awareness.” After another seven years of silence, I realized that there is Nowhere to go and Nothing to do. Everything is perfect just as it is. You see, “Nothing” doesn’t give answers, it IS the answer! Deep rest, pure awareness, deep peace – these would be other terms to describe the experience of “no-thing” or “no-thought.”

In the late 1980s, I developed a self-exploration system that enabled one person to “give” the experience of deep peace to another, something like an extended shaktipat, a kind of transference of “spiritual energy” from one person to another. This was the precursor to Quantum Entrainment. Over time I continued to refine the process and removed what was not absolutely needed. The result was QE -- a fast, simple process that arouses a profound inner awareness and has healing as a simple side effect.

PD: So give us a definition of Quantum Entrainment and explain how it works.

FK: Quantum Entrainment is a very rapid healing process that anyone can do. Whether you have a broken leg or a broken heart you need rest to heal. If you want physical, emotional or spiritual healing, you need deep rest. The deeper the rest, the deeper the healing. Pure awareness is the deepest rest you can get. I discovered a process that instantly gives the body, mind and spirit deep rest and fast healing. It works in seconds. That is what I call Quantum Entrainment.

PD: “The deeper the rest, the deeper the healing.” That’s powerful. Say more about the relationship between “rest” and “awareness.”

FK: I use the word “rest” because we all know how rest makes us feel better. But this QE rest is so deep as to be non-moving. When we experience pure awareness we experience this deep, unmoving stillness even while we continue to think and talk and live. When this happens a gentle peace permeates our activity. We become free from the binding influence of the daily grind. We feel uniquely special as if we were let in on some cosmic secret that everything is alright with the world just as it is. It is true love. It removes the worry of the next hurricane, the mortgage, gas prices, and health and relationship issues. We are able to step outside the suffering and craziness that defines the human condition and see it from the more expanded perspective of peace and harmony. A candle is bright in the dead of night but pales in importance in the full light of the sun.


PD: So, pure awareness is the key. People spend years trying to access pure awareness. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of paths and methods and processes to attain peace, stillness, the Witness state. According to your QE process, you say it’s possible to attain pure awareness in just minutes. Then you teach people to actually live from that state of pure awareness or “deep rest.” Are you promising more than you can deliver?

FK: No promises are needed. There is nothing to be attained. In fact pure awareness can’t be attained because we already have it. Or more accurately, there is no “we” to attain what is everywhere, all the time. I don’t mean to seem cryptic but if you think you need to attain something to become Self-aware or enlightened then you have already lost the battle. Anything that can be attained can be lost. Pure awareness can neither be gained nor lost. So, all that needs be done is become aware of pure awareness and that is incredibly easy to do.

PD: So take us inside QE. What’s the dynamic that’s happening – as far as you can speculate.

FK: All created things are made of energy and order: chairs, stars, hairs and pears. All life is simply form and energy that we give names to. But where do they come from? You can say atoms but where do atoms come from? It all comes from pure awareness; it all is pure awareness. The QE practitioner sets up a healing event by becoming acutely aware of the essence of awareness while vaguely aware of the physical or emotional complaint. Then s/he quietly observes as pure awareness creates an alternate version of the original. This alternate version offers a body/mind free of disharmony and the associated symptoms. The QE practitioner doesn’t do anything. S/he only watches pure awareness closely and when the time is right, nudges creation in the direction of healing, that’s all. Working on this subtle level gives the initiator a wonderful feeling of unbounded expansion, peace and bliss.
When you become aware of pure awareness magical things begin to happen all on their own. We actually do nothing and everything gets done for us.

PD: How do you work with pure awareness to bring about concrete change . . . rather than just stay in the blissful awareness?

FK: That’s the neat thing, once you realize pure awareness you don’t have to do anything. It knows how to heal. You are always filled with pure awareness and therefore you already know how to heal. You don’t have to learn a healing system, you only have to be aware of pure awareness. Just like you don’t have to learn how to breathe. All you need is air. You don’t have to learn how to heal. All you need is pure awareness.

PD: Okay, that’s for the initiator of QE, but what about the person receiving it? Let use an example. John Smith comes to you for a treatment and says he’s got a stiff shoulder and lower back pain. Two questions: 1) How does your experience of “pure awareness” transfer to John or initiate change? and 2) What’s John’s role in the healing?

FK: My role as “facilitator” is to become aware of pure awareness, then to step aside, because pure awareness knows best what needs to be done. I’m not running energy, performing a technique, calling in angels or guides, following a prescribed set of hand movements – none of that. (While any of these may help with other techniques, it is not what we do in QE.) And while the partner (the healee) may have a specific intention, it really doesn’t matter, because we yield to the unbounded wisdom of pure awareness. Pure awareness knows about that stiff neck and lower back pain. Pure awareness also knows about things John may not even be aware of. We let go to pure awareness, and step out of the way. There is no room for egos in this kind of work. We step out of the way, and the perfect thing gets done.

PD: And the healee -- or partner’s -- role in the QE process?

FK: Nothing. To simply “be.” No need to focus on an intention, visualize anything or run energy. In fact, the less the partner does, the better. They simply let their minds flow free, and don’t try to “help.” The facilitator’s state of pure awareness encompasses the partner. Partners have been known to experience a “wave” or “wobble” effect; others may sway or feel a wave of bliss. But these experiences are not necessary for QE. I know this sounds too good to be true, but these effects happen all the time with both newbies and life-long practitioners of healing. In fact, during our Basic QE workshop, participants are experiencing QE within 30 minutes. From there, the more they do QE the more they become aware of pure awareness. It’s that simple, really it is.

PD: Much has been written about “intention” or “the power of intention.” Bestselling books and movies, including The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know? teach “the power of intention” or the “law of attraction.” Interestingly enough, developments in quantum theory are now pointing to data that the more precisely an intention is made, visualized and felt, the more a result may be “locked in” and perhaps “better and greater” possibilities locked out. Matrix Energetics founder Richard Bartlett has written about the effects of focusing on “the problem set” – how it reinforces the problem, rather than “allowing” new and “out of the box” solutions. What is the role – if any – of “focused intention” in the Quantum Entrainment process?

FK: I know much has been said about intention. Some systems feel that intention should be very precise, exact detail in every way. These systems rely on the individual to decide what is best and then expect this directed effort to attain it. That is not so with the Quantum Entrainment process. QEers rely only on pure awareness. They know that the unbounded source of all creation is wiser in these matters than the individual mind. The QE intention is implied by the one seeking assistance and the solution is found in the unbounded wisdom of pure awareness.

PD: Your descriptions of QE remind me of Tolle’s work with the ‘power of Now’. It’s as if you take the philosophy of ‘power of Now’ a step further with an actual process to produce concrete results. Would this be a fair description of QE?
FK: Very fair and perceptive. That is exactly what QE is: the power of Now made manifest. We become aware of the non-moving Now and, while bathing in Its unmoving affluence, we watch as It does all the work. It’s a kind of lazy person’s path to inner enrichment and Self-awareness.

PD: I was speaking to a woman the other day, and she said that she just doesn’t want to struggle anymore. Life seems to be one struggle after the other for so many of us: whether it’s having enough money to make ends meet, keeping the job, paying the mortgage, let alone our physical health. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find a way, a method that was struggle-free, easy, effortless?

FK: You’ve found it. QE is effortless. That is the only way it will work. When we see that QE works without our interfering we start to get a sense that all issues in our lives -- finances, employment, relationships, etc. -- can also be worked out without effort. This gives us immediate psychological relief, a sort of peaceful vantage point from which we can observe as our lives unfold without stress and conflict. The idea of letting go is not new. The practical technology to immediately achieve that effortless living is. We call it QE.

PD: Going back to your biography for a moment, was there a ‘Eureka!’ moment when you realized that pure awareness could bring about healing?

FK: I was very sick for some months. My body and mind were so feeble that just getting out of bed was both physically and emotionally exhausting. One day in the midst of this darkness and depression my world stopped, as if the universe were holding its breath. The outside world kept on spinning, people and things behaved as before but I knew/experienced the stillness behind it all. I had found the secret of the Self -- the deep, penetrating universal love born of pure awareness. I continued to heal in body and mind but even that was my relative life; the “me” that before this cognition was my whole life. Behind that life lay the beautiful, undifferentiated stillness of pure awareness. It was always there but I didn’t pay attention to it. The first thing we do for participants in the Quantum Entrainment workshops is to show them the fullness that is beyond their “me.”

PD: What happened to your sickness, the darkness and depression?

FK: I didn’t experience a spontaneous healing of my body/mind. The body/mind continued to suffer for another year or two. What was healed instantly was my soul, my universal essence. The experience of the illness slid into the background as peace and harmony grew. My outer life had not changed much from before but inwardly I was free from suffering. It was fantastic! My feet were firmly planted on earth while my soul soared free in the unbounded heavens above. I used this experience to develop Quantum Entrainment. QE helps to quickly create this two-world reality, integrating the hectic, diverse work-a-day world with the bliss of universal oneness. It really seems quite amazing when you compare it to our common everyday experiences but quite common when you begin to live with pure awareness.

PD: Would you give me some examples of how QE has worked in your life, or in the lives of some of your clients.

FK: QE works on everything. It works every time but not always how we think it will work. That’s because pure awareness has a mind of its own -- a universal mind beyond the limitations of our individual minds. Physically QEers have relieved or completely healed such conditions as arthritis, breaks and sprains, stomach problems, constipation; if you’ve got it QE can help it. Emotionally, QE really shines. The impact of life-long traumas and emotional upset can be restored to health in minutes. Just the other day I had a 14-year-old boy who had suffered deep depression for four years. One QE session turned him completely around. His mother thanked me for returning her son to her. But it’s hard to take credit for doing nothing.
Spiritual growth through QE is the most notable. Aggressive people quiet down; confused and frustrated people “see the light”; longtime seekers become finders within their own traditions. It truly is a miracle to behold on every level.

PD: What does the person receiving QE actually feel or experience?

FK: The partner will first start to feel relaxed in the body because of the deep rest that accompanies the QE process. Then peace will dawn in the mind. This experience will quickly deepen and the body begins to sway or bend as each cell is infused with pure awareness. At this point the mind may experience long periods free of thought. This is also the time when bliss or joy can manifest and all seems right with the world; and it is. After QE I ask the partner to grade the problem again. The results are many times dramatic and even miraculous; that is, miraculous to the non-QE mind. To QEers, it’s business as usual.

PD: So, the QE session is not just a healing session, it’s a learning session for how I can access pure awareness more and more in my own life, and thereby promote my own healing simply through my becoming more aware.

FK: That’s it. You’ve hit the nail right on the head. First become aware, then everything else is icing on the cake of life. Corny I know, but you’ve got the idea. Once aware, there’s nothing to do and nowhere to go. That’s because you, pure awareness, are already everywhere, doing everything. How very neat it all works out.

PD: Does someone have to be physically present with a QE practitioner or can QE be used for remote or distance healing?

FK: QE can be performed in a remote session for someone on the other side of town or on the other side of the world. It works just as well as in-person QE and some say even better. It works because pure awareness is already everywhere. So where could you possibly go that you could not be healed?

PD: What about pets, plants, computers and car batteries that are not cooperating? You mention that QE can be used for everything, including inanimate objects.

FK: As with distance QE, so it is with things -- the creators of space and distance. Everything is permeated with pure awareness. People, pets, plants and PCs. Everything responds to QE. Your pet will love it. We’ve had puppy hips straighten out and old dog bleeding cysts disappear, cats and dogs relieved of neurotic behaviors, birds overcome infections, etc. It is not uncommon for 
QEers to fix broken blenders, grow bigger tomatoes, pad their bank accounts, find a friend, easily navigate rush hour traffic and ease stress at the office. Nothing is outside the influence of pure awareness.
PD: I’ve been to a few of your seminars and one of the most powerful experiences for me was when we did Group QE.

FK: The healing power of group meditation is scientifically well documented. Group QE is remarkably effective at creating this “group” effect. The influence of a single person increases exponentially by the number of people in the group. In the group, each person mentions their personal desire and then the rest of the group members enfold that desire in pure awareness. It’s like planting a seed in the most fertile soil imaginable. In a group of 100 people, for instance, a single desire gets the attention of N2 or 10,000 people in pure awareness. That should yield pretty good returns on your initial investment.

PD: And that leads naturally to what you call World Peace QE. This sounds like the TM group meditation experiments where groups of meditators actually brought down crime rates in various cities when a certain number of people meditated for peace. I hear you would like to hold mass QE meditations for world peace.

FK: Exactly! World peace cannot be accomplished on the level of governments. We cannot write a document that demands world peace. Despite our continual efforts along those lines it has never worked. It can’t. World peace comes from individuals who are peaceful. And we don’t even need all the people of the world experiencing pure awareness. We only need the smallest fraction of them: you, me and a few others, and world peace will dawn quickly and without effort. Lynn McTaggart, author of The Intention Experiment, tells us that we would only need 8,084 people in pure awareness to throw the world into a state of perpetual peace. That figures out to only 1,730 people to put things right in the United States. How cool is that? How simple? How easy? How much fun? World peace by proxy. We actually have a conference call once a week where anyone, whether they know QE or not, who would like help with their individual problem and who cherish world peace can join us for a few minutes of World Peace QE. By doing World Peace QE, you improve your life circumstance and while you are helping yourself to a heaping portion of peace and good health, as a side effect, you just happen to be saving the world.

PD: My understanding is that the state of world peace only lasts while the individuals are in a state of peace. Once the meditation stops, that world peace fades. In other words, world peace – or peace in a target area – is directly related to and dependent on the peace of the individuals participating in that peace meditation or experiment NOW. That’s why the point is to “BE” peace 24/7 peace rather than just try to DO peace now and then.

FK: Right you are. We need the group experience to be sustained and that is where the individual practice of QE is so important. My goal is to have thousands of QEers doing QE off and on throughout the day around the world. The QE Master work is designed specifically to this end. We alter the basic QE healing technique so that you can actually hold pure awareness for long periods throughout the day. When that number equals 8,000 practicing at any given time, the dawn of a new age of peace and prosperity will spontaneously arrive.

PD: How does someone go about learning more about QE or finding out about any of the workshops you offer?

PD: How does someone go about learning more about QE or finding out about any of the workshops you offer?


FK: The website is On the website you will find articles, testimonials, free downloads, my workshop schedule and QE products including books, CDs and DVDs. Website visitors can also sign up for our free newsletter “The QE Quill” and sign up for the QE Forum.

PD: Frank, this has been very enlightening. Thank you for giving us an inside look at the dynamics of Quantum Entrainment.