Inside The Secret of Quantum Living you will learn to:

• Heal physical and emotional pain in seconds
• Dissolve the stress of financial worries
• Build lasting relationships
• Improve athletic performance
• Teach children to find their "happy place"
• ...and much, much more

For years we have been waiting for a book that can translate the power of inner peace with immediate, practical and concrete results. Within these pages you will learn a simple yet startlingly effective process which will change your life forever. The best part is that anyone can do it...with no special training. Give it a try - you will be surprised at how quickly this process will work for you.

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The Secret of Instant Healing

Over the last few years innovative self-help methods have convinced many people of a new world view. Quantum Entrainment (QE™) is the newest development in this area: QE works with gentle touch that quietly activates the autonomic nervous system to spontaneously and immediately create an atmosphere in which deep healing can take place. This amazing self-help method is easy to use and needs no previous knowledge – it can be applied by everyone! And what is most astonishing: Not only does the treated person receive deep, restful healing but the person who is using QE will also experience an immediate, prolonged sense of well-being. Give it a try – you will be surprised how powerful Quantum Entrainment is!

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Beyond Happiness

Beyond Happiness offers an animated reading experience that engages the reader from the very first page. By asking gently probing questions and offering simple exercises, Beyond Happiness makes the journey through its pages profoundly significant for every reader. Drawing from such reflective and varied sources as the Upanishads, Einstein and Popeye the Sailorman, Beyond Happiness answers the age old questions, “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?” Moving beyond the relative reach of happiness, Beyond Happiness shows the reader how to appreciate the lyrical mystery that is his life, not in the future, but at this very moment.

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Within the pages of Dr. Kinslow's new book you will learn to go beyond the instant healing power of Quantum Entrainment to,with a single procedure, realize your deepest spiritual and material goals. You will learn how to find your Eufeeling, the hub around which all the creative forces of nature revolve, then how to use it to form a powerful and immediately effective intention. Making the most abstract subjects easy to understand and practical to use, Dr. Kinslow shows the reader how to tap their natural harmonizing zones deep within their minds. He is the discoverer and developer of Quantum Entrainment, the ground-breaking healing technique that thousands around the globe have successfully used to eliminate emotional and physical discord in themselves and others. Now, in Eufeeling!Dr. Kinslow brings to bear that same easy style of coaching that was so successful in teaching you Quantum Entrainment.

In Eufeeling! Dr. Kinslow introduces the reader to the QE Intention, a unique and practical tool thatanyone can use to improve emotional and physical disharmony, unsettled relationships and financial difficulties, and even influence environmental stresses. QE Intention shows you how a simple shift in your awareness will organize the creative forces of nature in your favor as easily as iron filings align in the presence of a strong magnet. QE Intention can quickly satisfy even your deepest desires. Once initiated, QE Intention is effortless and extraordinarily effective. It uses the creative energy and harmony of Eufeeling as a spiritual launching pad to quickly accomplish material goals. If you are already doing intention work you will find that adding QE Intention to your practice will greatly accelerate the results you are already having. And what's more exciting, creating a QE Intention takes no special training or talent. If you are reading these words you have everything you need to create a QE Intention.

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ISBN: 978-1-4019-3399-9

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